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Look carefully
the colour of wheat, rice or millet grain
isn’t much different
from the colour of the earth

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Where do we stand today?

The stakes continue to rise as the farmers’ agitation has entered the next stage after the farmers rejected the government proposals and announced a slew of measures to escalate the agitation including blockade

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Art and Struggle

The films we watch. The novels, stories we read. Much can be said and written about forms of art, but what is art in just a few written words? I would say that art is a unique way of connecting human to human.

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Yearning to Read

Perhaps you can tell by the photo, Bapu Ji is sitting by himself with the paper close to their eyes as they try to read it. I was taking photos of the elderly at the protest, and my friend Inder gestured to me to photograph him.

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Delhi: A Battlefield

Delhi has become the battlefield of this fight. The throne of Delhi trembles at slogans and rallying cries of those fighting. The guards of the working class have delivered the greatest blow of the century to the central government.

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