Art and Struggle

The films we watch. The novels, stories we read. Much can be said and written about forms of art, but what is art in just a few written words? I would say that art is a unique way of connecting human to human. It conveys one human’s emotions to another. It allows you to feel the well-being or misery of a person in front of you. Art can awaken an extraordinary empathy inside you, so that you can feel what someone else is going through. 

Like art, the Struggle can also bring humans closer to each other. This is the responsibility and the relationship between art and political struggle. In the midst of a struggle, a human says – you and I have the same fight and you and I have the same life. Together, we can find a solution. The artist has to decide if he is going to stand with those who take away the rights or those who take what is rightfully theirs.

If art does not teach a human to respect another human. If it declares another working human to be an enemy, then that art is short-lived and dangerous. In the same way, if a struggle inspires an ego that you are better than others, in which a human from another religion, race, caste, or  region is considered inhuman, then that struggle is also dangerous. Our farmers, laborers, brothers, and sisters are fighting for their rights in this movement. In which all will get justice. All will have food. All will live with dignity. I salute those in the arts and this movement who seek the beneficiation for all.