Palwal: The fifth front of farmers movement

The Modi government has been constantly making anti-people policies by using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity. After bringing dangerous reforms in labour laws that would harm millions of labourers, the central government’s disaster horse turned its direction toward farmers and their land. The Modi government would not have imagined that they could face such resistance. Now Modi and his masters, the corporates, are quaking in their boots. Hundreds of thousands of farmers are standing with determination on five roads leading to Delhi.

One of these five fronts is Palwal. Palwal seems weak compared to the news coming from the four other fronts. On 2nd December, farmers from Gwalior district’s Dabra, Chinor, Bhitarwar and Gohad tehsil in Bhind district started for Delhi on hundreds of vehicles. No one would have thought that they would last even 20 days. As the days are passing, farmers’ courage and their resolve to win is getting stronger. Every day more and more farmers are joining in. All the support that pours in from the local public gives assurance that it will be difficult for the ruling faction to suppress this movement.