Bibi had started to knit a new sweater. Everyday, she would knit a little bit and then put it down, and had said many times that she would finish it in ten days and then make two more. In the village, the speaker announced that if any women wanted to go to the protest they should sign up their name. Bibi dropped her sweater knitting and headed to the Gurudwara to sign up her name. Everyone warned her that she had asthma, what will she do if she gets sick. It has been very cold. Bibi ignored everyone and got ready to go to the protest. Her daughter in law joked, “Bibi, your sweater is going to go unfinished. Who know how many days will pass there.” Bibi listened seriously and said, “If I don’t go to the protest now, much that has been knitted will unravel, including my son’s dreams, your father’s earned land.” Without speaking to anyone, Bibi left home and joined the women going to the protest.