We shall fight, we shall win!

We shall fight, we shall win!

After fighting a long fight in Punjab, to force the hand of a stubborn Modi government, we gave the call – “On 26-27 November, let’s go to Delhi.” The Modi government thought our call-to-action was an empty threat. An unconcerned Modi ordered his BJP Chief Minister Khattar of Haryana to stop us, because he thought that we will sit at the Punjab-Haryana border for a month or two, then get tired and go home. But our enthusiastic, farm machinery-expert youth ruined their plans. Our young brothers from Haryana started this. On November 25, they ran over the robust police barricades at Ambala, Karnal, and Panipat in a short time, passed through Murthal, and knocked on the doors of Delhi. Inspired by them, Punjab’s farm unions and youth broke through checkpoints at Shambu, Khanauri, Pehowa, Ratia et al, while facing tear gas and water cannons in freezing temperatures, concrete blocks weighing tons, barricades, barbed wire fences as sharp as a blade, mountains of dirt, deep trenches in the roads, and pushed through and passed the road-blocking trucks and shipping containers to join shoulder to shoulder with their brothers from Haryana. With an endless caravan of tractors decorated with flags of dozens of Punjab and Haryana farmer unions, and tarp-draped trollies resembling tanks, provocative lyrics of the movement’s messages echoing from tractor speakers, everyday essentials including food supplies gathered, this caravan arrived as organized and disciplined as an all-powerful army to claim victory again in Delhi. 

On the main highways from Punjab to Delhi where dozens die in road accidents daily, our youth fought incessantly without a single road accident and proved that they are not only deft at wielding agricultural machinery in songs and fields, but also are capable of using this machine expertise on the highway in an anti-government movement. In the general revolutionary campaign of November 26-27, only 1 farmer warrior, Dhanna Singh of Khehali Chelaan village, District Mansa, was martyred. Even this was not a result of the protestors, but due to a merchant truck driver’s mistake.

Since November 26, the main highways that connect Delhi to Punjab/Haryana, Himachal, and Jammu & Kashmir via both Karnal and Rohtak have been shut down. After four or five days, the farmers of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand have shut down two other main eastbound highways. Now the plan is to choke the Modi government by shutting down highways to the west and to the south, to Jaipur and Agra, by December 14. Alongside the media’s false propaganda, the immovable Modi government has refused to hear the main demands of our farmer representatives, despite pressure. Now the Modi government will use this effort at reconciliation as reverse propaganda, but has been forced to make repeated appeals to the protesting farmers for formal discussion. The protesting youth, elder, men, women, and children are patiently and peacefully committed to a “Ghera Dalo, Dera Dalo” (“Surround Delhi and Camp Out”) Satyagraha. The farmers, market facilitators, shopkeepers, traders, social and religious organizations, and the general public of Haryana, Punjabi, Delhi, and other states are providing unbelievable, limitless support of every kind to the protesting farmers. The honest and unbiased national, international, and Punjabi media is sharing inspiring and accurate news and photos of the protest with the whole world. Alongside our own nation, this rightful and peaceful farmer protest has received complete support from the whole world’s people and governments of other countries. Even though the Modi government is being pressured to retreat, because of its corporate alliances and fascist ideology, it is not ready to take back the 3 Farm bills.

Instead, they are trying to malign the movement and divide it using lackeys with sinister schemes. They are on the lookout for ways to paint the protest as violent and find reason to attack. They are embedding instigating agents amongst the farmers or inciting conflict amongst farmers to find opportunity justify an inhumane attack on them.  My farmer brothers, stay united and beware of any kind of provocations. Coexist with the local people with love and cooperation. Beware of every kind of mischief and trouble making elements, useless boasts or goading ideas, or speeches and slogans that divide. Forget the Modi government, not even the tyrannical British government could end our united, disciplined, peaceful protest.

Even now, they are testing our peace, patience, and discipline. So, end provocations and attempts to divide with patience and vigilance, and stay committed to the providential slogan – “We shall fight – We shall win”