Sitabai Taadvi

Sitabai Taadvi

Name: Sitabai Taadvi

Sex: Female

Domicile: Aambabari, Nandurbaar District, Maharashtra

Occupation: Farming/ Social/Human Rights/ Environmental Activism

Age: 56 years

Date of Death: 27 January 2021

Cause of Death: fell ill due to cold weather conditions

Place of Death: Shahjanpur Border

“Sitabai was an active member of  Maharashtra Lok Sangharsh Morcha for the last 25 years. She had participated in various movements of Human rights and social and environmental cause all her life. She has even been jailed for her social activism. She had even participated in the 22nd December 2020 march against Ambani in Mumbai. She had been leading the Farmers’ protest at Shajanpur Border since 16th of January 2021.”

Pratibha Shinde, President of Lok Sangharsh Morcha (Gujarat and Maharashtra).


Indian Express newspaper website