Gurlabh Singh

Gurlabh Singh

Name: Gurlabh Singh

Domicile: Village  Dyalpura, Bathinda Distt. Punjab

Occupation: Farmer

Date of Death: 28 December 2020

Age: 22

Cause of Death: Died by suicide a day after he came back to Punjab from Delhi Protest Site

Place of Death: Village  Dyalpura, Bathinda Distt. Punjab

Gurlabh stayed at the Delhi protest site for 15 days and had been active in 2-3 month-long protest in Punjab. His family had a debt of 10 lakh rupees on their head.

Source: BBC Punjabi IG Handle post  titled, ” Dilli Dharne ton mudh aaye 22 sala kisan Gurlabh Singh ne kyun khudkhushi kari”.dated 31 December 2020.