Gurjant Singh a.k.a Babli 

Gurjant Singh a.k.a Babli 

Name: Gurjant Singh a.k.a Babli 

S/o: Jeeta Singh

Sex: Male

Domicile: Village Bhadra, Mansa district, Punjab

Occupation: Farmer

Age: 45 years

Date of Death: 05 February 2021

Cause of Death: Road Accident; was hit by a bus near Pakoda Chownk

Place of Death: Tikri Border (Pakoda Chownk, Bahadurgarh area of Tikri border site)

Union: BKU (Ugrahan)

Source: Epaper Ajit Newspaper (pg 3) 06.02.2021

Epaper Punjabi Tribune Newspaper (pg 2) 06.02.2021

Note: This is the second such Road Accident at Tirki Border at Pakora Chownk.  (See 97)